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Even the largest company’s operations can sometimes feel like a startup based on where they are in their lifecycle; this is especially true for a company’s regional businesses. Through our understanding of how successful firms design and organize functions, roles, and processes, we apply this knowledge to help our clients assess their own critical organizational, talent acquisition, and retention factors that will in turn lead them to success.


Through Talent Market Mapping, companies get a clear perspective of the competencies of their employees compared to those of industry peers. This information is highly valuable when company restructuring is potentially necessary (i.e. due to Mergers & Acquisition) or when talent upgrades are required to support an organizational transformation (i.e. a change in business model or step-change in internal processes, such as digital transformation). We help our clients do the work to attain this invaluable data, so they can make the best-informed decisions for their businesses.


The Talent Acquisition team gain further insights into a sector’s talent pool, identifying the top talent in the industry and their career motivators and providing market salary and benefits information from companies defined as market benchmarks. This information is highly valuable
when company restructuring is potentially necessary or when talent upgrades are being evaluated to support an organizational transformation.


By trusting Talent Corporate Solutions to manage this most time-consuming stage of talent search, the Talent Acquisition team can focus their time and resources on the most impactful and pressing priorities. Later, when a new search is approved, the likelihood of speed and success of the hiring process can be assessed more accurately. Furthermore, if a shortlist of qualified candidates it already at hand, the interviews can start right away.


Through Talent Market Mapping, companies get a clear perspective of the competencies of their employees compared to those of the industry. The market information will allow to be further prepared for succession planning and diversity mapping, in addition to benchmarking your
internal talent to the market in terms of experience, compensation, and job titles.


More than 78% of large companies are actively seeking to hire more women, particularly in more experienced and senior positions. The competition for female talent is particularly intense in sectors, functions, and levels where they are currently underrepresented. Therefore, to attract female talent, it is not enough for a company to have an attractive talent brand. It is vital to address the #1 barrier to the advancement and hiring of female executives: Gender stereotypes/assumptions in the evaluation and interview process for new roles.

For over 20 years, we have been developing a proprietary methodology to identify, evaluate, at- tract, and place high-caliber, diverse talent for critical roles in the Latin American organization of multinational firms. Our approach combines the best practices validated by our Kennedy Executive network partners around the world with our extensive local markets’ knowledge and professional network.


The complexities of Latin American operations require in-depth knowledge and experience of each country’s regulations, practices, culture, and talent base. Often, the headquarters for Latin American businesses are in the US, Canada, or Europe—not in the actual region, which adds to its intricate nature.


For over 20 years, we have been developing a proprietary methodology to identify, evaluate, attract, and place high-caliber talent for our clients’ critical roles in Latin America. Our firm’s partners are directly involved in every step of the process to ensure the success of our clients’ goals and requirements. We are technologically-savvy and leverage tools that use the latest advances in Behavioral Science and Artificial Intelligence to find the perfect fit between candidate, team, and organization.

Our firm specializes in a range of practices by industry and function including IT & Technology, Energy, Life Sciences, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Retail & Luxury Goods, Professional Services. and Banking & Financial Services.


An employee’s first 90 days are paramount to their long-term success. We coordinate the integration and onboarding program for our clients to ensure their new hire has the most productive introduction to the business and its people. As part of the process, we create opportunities for meaningful interactions with direct reports, peers, and key stakeholders. We also manage offsite strategic team  meetings for the new employee to provide a clear diagnosis and well-thought action plan at the end of this critical period.


With our experience, we know exactly how the job market ticks, what the dos and the don’ts are and how to find and secure a new career opportunity as we deal with hiring managers every single day in our working life. Likewise, we mentor and coach candidates all the time and therefore we understand their perspective better than anybody else. We talk about their professional ambitions and goals and scale
them back if they are unrealistic. We share best practices about the job market in the candidates’ home market. Our advice works and is proven, as we leverage our extensive experience in executive search.


We inspire our partners on eye-level discussions and share profound market knowledge which leads to sustainable results. We cooperate closely with the board management and senior leaders to understand strategy, culture, and support key organizational development initiatives.


The goal is to elevate abilities for creative and strategic thinking as well as skills to identify and persuade critical stakeholders. To accomplish this, the coaching starts by obtaining candid feedback from the executive, peers, direct reports, and supervisors to gain a comprehensive view. It also evaluates the executive’s strategic thinking frameworks, communication style (verbal or non-verbal) and approach to work routines (priority setting, business agenda management, etc.). The Current vs Desired Skill Level is defined, and the coaching process starts building the required toolbox and confidence level of the professional. Progress is measured by a second

360-Degree Feedback report and the improvement toward the defined productivity (goal achievement, levels of engagement, rate of promotability). Due to the dynamics of Latin America and multinational companies, Talent Corporate Solutions’ coaches themselves have a minimum of 20 years of corporate experience in Senior Management for the Latin American business of large multinational companies.


Our Talent Development Practice Team has a proven methodology that works simultaneously in two complementary dimensions: To drive the Global Transformation Initiative in coordination with Corporate Office and to implement it in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment while delivering the Region’s business result commitment. Organizational results are the collective performance of individual changes. We work with clients to understand the unique challenges and opportunities their organizations and teams face when driving change mandates in Latin America and develop and facilitate highly interactive workshops.


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